/ Who we are

CQURE Team consists of highly talented Experts, who collectively have over 300 years of experience in the IT security field.

Our passion makes us hard workers and our curiosity push us to solve difficult problems or to keep trying till we do. Basically, we are always tracking current threats. We proudly use our knowledge to make sure your infrastructure stays tight and secure.

/ Meet the Team

Highly talented Experts, we have access to the source code of Windows!
Paula Januszkiewicz Founder and CEO, Microsoft Regional Director, MVP, MCT
Kama Jankowska-Lorek EMEA and USA Sales Director
Dorota Kondratczyk-Przybylska Operations Manager
Krystian Zieja Systems Architect and Solutions Expert
Mike Jankowski-Lorek Cloud Security & Database Expert
Miłosz Piasecki Cybersecurity Specialist / Project Manager

/ Speeches and seminars

Catch us in person at any one of these tech conferences across the globe!

/ Public Appearances

Decrypting All Users’ Secrets and PFX Passwords - Paula Januszkewicz
NIC 4th Edition
Hacker’s Perspective on your Windows Infrastructure: Mandatory Check List
CSI: Windows - Techniques for Finding the Cause of the Unexpected System Takeovers