/ As a Head of Tech Security, you need to know this about your system

Our penetration tests and combined research show that:
99% Systems have backdoors
70% Are hacked from within
100% Should be improved!

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/ What We Do

Penetration Tests

Let’s see if we can break into your system! We have perfected our testing method through years of experience because we know just how important it is for an organization to test, defend, or perform risk assessments of their infrastructure.
Your organization needs to be certain of its current security position and identify potential weaknesses. We have your back!

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Security Consulting

Are you ready for high-profile, in-depth Security Consulting and Security Maturity Evaluations that will elevate your infrastructure to the next level? Don’t take risks that will put your business in a competitive disadvantage! Let us provide the protection you need.

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Emergency Incident Response Support

The lack of a unified incident management process, coupled with inexperienced staff, often increases the impact of a security breach. We help you stop attacks in progress, reduce their impact, enable faster recovery and perform detailed forensic data analysis. Stop future attacks from ever occurring!

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Academy, Seminars, Workshops

We love sharing our knowledge! Our expert trainers have spoken worldwide, won awards and have been trained to train! We offer deep-dive courses, custom trainings and seminars for all levels, from security noob to the seasoned expert.

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Infrastructure Consulting and Architecture Design

When you’re trying to walk the tightrope between security and customer comfort, let us help! We offer in-depth infrastructure consulting and help in reducing operating costs and infrastructure development. This means your organization will be able to provide the necessary Business Continuity that let your customers (and you) feel safe.

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At this point in the IT industry we know that there aren’t enough cyber security experts with the right knowledge and skills. Here’s where we come in. We’re excited to turn you in a Windows Security Expert by sharing our expertise and tools through courses at CQURE academy or updates on our Blog!

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/ Trusted by

Since many of our projects are confidential, below you can find testimonials from Clients who have agreed to share them.

Paula Januszkiewicz is a true expert. She is not only passionate and knowledgeable professional but also has business thinking. I would recommend Paula and CQURE Team to provide Security Penetration Testing and Training to anyone who is willing to improve the level of security in their organization.

Konrad Hall IT Infrastructure, Islandsbanki

The whole CQURE Team offers the highest quality services. Experts are detailed and well-prepared to projects. We are looking forward to working with the company again at future projects. I strongly recommend services of CQURE.

Tomasz Kędziora Security Director, PLAY

I've used CQURE for Penetration Testing, Internal Security Audits, Security Training, Code Reviews, IIS Configuration and Performance Testing. I found the attention to detail in the final reports provided much value over other vendors I've used in the pasts.

Brian Savage Sr. Network Engineer

CQURE Team is a group of people that are true professional with security in mind. Neuca ordered web penetration tests for two web applications. We recommend CQURE to provide web and infrastructure penetration testing to every organization that requires security check.

Rafał Szewczyk Neuca

CQURE performed for our organization Web Penetration Test. The service they provided was more than satisfactory. As a team they can be characterized by great quality of performed tasks, meeting the deadlines and high professionalism.

Sanni Laine-Luoto Managing Director, Partner, Noventia

We have worked with CQURE on several customer projects that involve various forms of security audits and security awareness training. The result was thorough reports with clear measures to be undertaken to improve the state of security in these companies.

Michele Leroux Bustamante Cofounder and CIO, Solliance

Our Pen Test was conducted by CQURE on-site MELA Sciences. They were very extremely thorough in checking our security, configuration and performance. This would be the second year I've used CQURE and I believe that the work that is conducted provides MELA Sciences a complete assessment of potential threats and vulnerabilities.

Ken Wong Director of IT, MELA Sciences