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The CQURE’s Team includes top-class Cybersecurity Experts with many years of field experience. Our Experts come from diverse backgrounds, including roles on both Red and Blue Teams. They conducted projects for government and private sector across various industries such as finance, oil and gas, and retail. What unites them all is their commitment to delivering the highest quality cybersecurity solutions for clients and partners.

What we do at CQURE

CQURE is divided into four main cybersecurity excellence areas: CQURE Consulting, CQURE Academy, CQURE Knowledge Sharing and CQURE Cyber Lab.
CQURE Security Services and Consulting

We offer high-profile, in-depth security consulting, infrastructure consulting and security maturity evaluations that will elevate your infrastructure to the next level. Don’t take risks that will put your business in a competitive disadvantage! Let us provide the protection you need.

We organize a variety of deep-dive courses, custom trainings and seminars on different levels of difficulty and specialization, from security noob to the seasoned expert. We love sharing our knowledge!
Knowledge Sharing

We strive to deliver outstanding and original speeches to both inspire security leaders and shed some light on the key cybersecurity issues. Our Experts share memorable sessions at the top conferences across the globe, including the RSA, Black Hat and Microsoft Ignite.

Cyber Lab

We have our own research & development branch. Over the years, we have developed over 200 unique tools and made numerous discoveries within cybersecurity area, such as zero days vulnerabilities in well-known solutions.





CQURE Cybersecurity Consulting
and Advisory Services

CQURE provides specialized services in IT infrastructure security, business applications, consulting and advisory services. We are a highly talented Team of Experts. Through our experiences, we’ve come up with a solid testing methodology born of a deep understanding of infrastructure security.

You will never get sloppy work from us. We look forward to discussing your implementation plans and current design with you. You have a choice of our various cybersecurity services.

How can we help you today?

How CQURE helped companies stay safe

A global conglomerate in the chemical industry, was attacked by ransomware that encrypted their whole IT infrastructure and semi-paralyzed their operations. CQURE was deployed to recover their systems, but there was one problem. The decryptor wasn’t decrypting. CQURE needed to quickly think out of the box…

How can we help you?

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