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At this point in the IT industry, we know that there aren’t enough cyber security experts with the right knowledge and skills. Here’s where we come in. We’re excited to turn you in a Windows Security Expert by sharing our expertise and tools through courses at CQURE academy or updates on our Blog!

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/ Selected speeches and seminars topics

  • Advanced Windows Tracing – Deep Dive into Monitoring Techniques
  • Adventures in Underland: What Passwords Do When No One Is Watching
  • Crouching Admin, Hidden Hacker: Techniques for Hiding and Detecting Traces
  • CSI: Windows – Techniques for Finding the Cause of Unexpected System Takeovers
  • Hacker’s Perspective on Your Windows Infrastructure: Mandatory Checklist
  • Hackers (Not) Halted
  • Hacker’s Review – The Case of The Left Attack Trace
  • Launch the Scan! Advanced techniques for network discovery
  • Password cracking: Everything you want to know but are afraid to ask (or had no time to check)
  • Recalling Windows Memory: Useful Guide to Retrieving and Analyzing Memory Content
  • Stronghold to Strengthen: Advanced Windows Server Hardening
  • Ten Deadly Sins of Windows Security Administrators
  • The Age of IT Thieves: How to crack the WEP?
  • The Age of IT Thieves: Do you know you send more to the network than you are aware of?
  • The Ultimate Hardening Guide: What you can do to avoid hackers
  • Undiscovered and Useful Treasures of Windows Security
  • Unmasking Administrative Evil
  • Useful hacker techniques – Use their knowledge against them and become a more efficient IT administrator.
  • Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2: Keep encrypted (BitLocker and BitLocker To-Go deep dive)
  • Windows network protocols security – revealing the “Security Element”